Applying Grease to the Z-Axis Threaded Rods


  1. Red grease in syringe
  2. Microfiber rag
  3. Dish soap and water (optional)


Be very careful with the grease as it stains clothes. It is easily wiped off your hands with the rag, but washing with dish soap and water is the most effective and complete solution. Also use the rag to wipe up any grease that gets on any unintended surfaces.


Application Instructions:

First, examine the threaded rod and remove any plastic that may be caught in the threads or grease. Use the microfiber rag or another type of lint-free rag or towel to wipe off the old grease from the rod and the nut housing on the bed frame surrounding the rod. Once it is clean, squeeze out the grease in a thin (2-3mm thickness), straight line on the rod for the length of the Z travel distance of the bed. To make sure the grease is evenly coated on the rods after application, command the printer to move down and up along the Z axis to its maximum and minimum locations. You may notice that the grease builds on the nut housing that surrounds the threaded rod -- you should take this and reapply it to the rods and then cycle the printer up and down again. At this point, any grease on the nut housings can be wiped off or left in place as it is unobtrusive to the Gigabot's functionality.

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