Replacing a Standard Hot End

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!

Tools Needed: 

  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • 2mm Allen key
  • 5.5mm wrench
  • 8mm wrench
  • Zero setter
  • Business card

Instructions: (Video below)

  1. Move your bed down or raise the Z-axis so you have easy access to the hot ends.
  2. Gently remove the extruder fans and set them to either side of the extruder.
  3. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, remove the screw holding the hot end in place for the nozzle you are replacing.
  4. Pull downward on the hot end to remove it from the extruder.
  5. Using a 2mm Allen key, remove the set screw at the bottom of the hot end and remove the heater cartridge.
  6. Loosen the thermocouple with a 5.5mm wrench, and remove it by rotating the hot end so the thermocouple comes loose without twisting and damaging the wires.
  7. Insert the thermocouple into the new hot end and twist it in the same manner you used to remove the old one.
  8. Using the 5mm wrench, tighten the thermocouple.
  9. Insert the end of the heater cartridge, replace the set screw at the bottom of the hot end, and tighten using a 2mm Allen key.
  10. Push the new hot end up into the extruder, ensuring that the wires are not contacting the rail.
  11. Replace the hot end screw loosely for now. (it will need to be loosened again)
  12. Place the zero setter under the original nozzle and set it to zero.
  13. Place the zero setter under the new nozzle and note the difference between the two nozzles. Move the new hot end up or down depending on the measurement difference to bring it closer to the measurement of the original nozzle.
  14. Once the two nozzles measure the same on the zero setter, tighten the hot end screw.
  15. Verify both nozzles measure the same on the zero setter. Tightening the screws sometimes will move the hot end slightly, so this step can take a bit of patience. You may also try loosening the other hot end and moving it to get the two nozzles level with one another.
  16. Once the nozzles are level, replace the extruder fans.
  17. Heat the bed and the hot ends. Once they are heated, slide a business card under the nozzle to check the gap. If it does not touch the nozzles, use the 8mm wrench to adjust the bed height. (located on the right side of your Gigabot) Move the bed up by turning the wrench clockwise (toward you), or move it down by turning it counter-clockwise (away from you).
  18. Home the Z-axis and check the gap again. If the nozzles are still not making contact with the business card, adjust the bed and home the Z-axis again. Repeat the process until sliding the business card under the nozzles results in indentation marks on the business card.


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