Heating Failed Error


If the Viki displays the error message "Heating Failed," the heater cannot reach target temperature. 

Before proceeding, please collect and record the following data

  • Picture or video of the Viki controller display (Control>Temperature>Hot End)
  • Picture of the hot end heater wires going into the heater (from the front and under the sides)
  • Picture of the Azteeg board

Possible Causes: 

  1. Broken cable at heater end
  2. Break in the head cable
  3. Unplugged head cable wires
  4. Unplugged from head cable connector (GB3, GB3+ or AMHE Upgraded GB2)
  5. Defective heater (see instructions for heater cartridge testing) 

Possible Solutions: 

  1. Verify all head cable wires are plugged in and wired correctly
  2. Replace the heater (for broken cable at heater end or defective heater)
  3. Replace the head cable (for break in the head cable)

Questions or concerns? Reach out to our support team at or open a support ticket.  

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