Max Temp Error


If the Viki displays the error message “Max Temp,” the hot end or bed is reading temperature above the upper limit set in firmware. (Bed - 150°C, Hot end - GB2-245°C, GB3-350°C on some and 400°C on others)

Before proceeding, please collect and record the following data: 

  • GB number
  • Screenshot of temperature graph when error occurs
  • .factory file
  • Did max temp error happen:
    • While heating the bed?
    • While heating the hot end?
    • During the print? 

Possible Causes: 

  1. Hot end temp set too high
  2. Thermocouple defective (GB3 and GB3+)
  3. Break / short with thermistor (GB2)
  4. Break / short in head cable (GB2)
  5. Thermocouple daughter board defective (GB3 and GB3+) BED ONLY
  6. Thermocouple daughter board jumper is loose (GB3 and GB3+) BED ONLY

Possible Solutions:

  1. Reduce temperature in Simplify3D
  2. Replace thermocouple
  3. Replace thermistor
  4. Replace head cable
  5. Replace daughterboard
  6. Replace jumper wire

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