Error: Mintemp Bed

The minimum bed temperature needed to start and maintain a print is 5C, or 41F, otherwise the printer will throw a mintemp bed error.


Here are a few questions I have:

  1. What temperature is you bed reading when you first turn on the machine?
  2. Can you please send photos of your electrical box?
  3. What was the printer doing prior to the mintemp bed error showing up? Was it in the middle of the print or at the start of a print?


These are the likely causes of mintemp bed errors:

  1. Ambient temperature not greater than 5C
  2. The thermocouple daughterboard unplugged

If the ambient temperature is not great than 5C, you should move it to a different area where it is warmer. If it is unable to be moved or you are in a pinch, you can heat the bed with a hair dryer or other low power source that won't damage rubber or adhesive until the bed is above 5C.


For the thermocouple daughterboard, you will need to make sure that its wires are securely attached to the pins on its terminals and on the Azteeg control board. Below is a photo of the daughterboard in the electrical box of an Azteeg X3 Pro board (outlined in pink box in bottom right):


And here is a photo of the daughterboard in the wiring diagram for the Azteeg X3 Pro (outlined in pink box in bottom right):



For older models of the Azteeg, we use the same daughterboard so it will look the same, but its wiring may be different. To find the correct wiring diagram for your board, you can look in this article: Link.


If the minimum temperature is still below 5C, you will need to replace the jumper wires and daughterboard. Please contact for more assistance with part ordering or further troubleshooting.

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