Gigabot X Extrusion Issues

Gigabot X Extrusion Troubleshooting

There are many reasons why GBX won’t extrude as explained in the steps below:

  1. Are you extruding through Simplify 3D? If yes:
    1. Is the printer connected to the computer via USB?
    2. Did Simplify 3D establish a connection to the printer? In the Machine Control Panel, it should have a “Disconnect” button with a green icon if it is correctly connected
    3. Make sure the Active Toolhead is set to Tool 0. If it is set to Tool 1, the motor won’t turn. If it is set to Tool 2, it will turn in the wrong direction!
    4. Make sure the Extruder speed is set to a reasonable value, such as 3mm/s. If it is too low, the motor may not visibly turn. If it is too high, the motor will make a high-pitched droning noise.
  2. Is the motor attempting to spin at all? If not:
    1. Check that the temperatures are set above the cold extrusion temperature (120C is the default). To extrude at lower temperatures, use the gcode M302 to set a lower cold extrusion temperature limit.
  3. Is the motor making a lot of noise? Is it skipping? If yes, the motor is receiving the gcode to turn, but it does not have the torque required to turn the extrusion screw.
    1. Are the temperatures of the heat zones at operating temperatures? Confirm by looking at the Viki info screen. If any of the 3 heat zones is too cold, it can make the motor skip.
    2. The extrusion rate may be too fast for the motor to handle.
      1. If extruding from Simplify 3D, lower the extrusion speed.
      2. If printing, reduce the speed on the Viki
    3. If the screw is not moving at all and all extruders are up to temperature, the thrust bearing may be broken.
      1. Turn off the machine
      2. Disconnect the extruder motor from the motor cable and remove it along with the motor spacer and the top half of the motor coupler
      3. Remove the lower half of the motor coupler from the top of the extrusion screw
      4. Remove the thrust bearing plate
      5. Inspect the thrust bearing assembly beneath the thrust bearing plate and replace any parts if necessary
  4. Is the motor spinning fine, but there is still nothing extruding?
    1. Check that the stopper has been pulled out of the feed throat to allow the flow of materials.
    2. Check if materials are stuck in the feed tube, or if more material needs to be loaded into the feed system
    3. Check that the motor coupler is rotating, and that both halves are coupled correctly. Check that the motor coupler is fastened securely to both the motor axle at the top and the compression screw below.
  5. Last resort: remove the nozzle and allow material to ooze out to flush out any hard clogs.
  6. Last last resort: remove the extrusion screw to remove any hard clogs.
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