Discontinued Parts

Looking to replace parts no longer offered on our website? We have solutions. 

re:3D's Recommendation: 

We recommend upgrading your GB2 with re:3D's All Metal Hot End. Instructions can be found here. The All Metal Hot End is only compatible with Azteeg 2.0 controller boards. Refer to the photo below to determine your Azteeg version. If you have a 1.0, you will need to upgrade to install the All Metal Hot End. 


GB2 Thermistor

To purchase a replacement thermistor for your GB2, visit MakerFarm

Want to keep your Gigabot vintage? 


The replacement hot end for the J-head is available for purchase through Maker Farm. 

Greg's Wade's Type Extruder

While difficult to obtain, some users are still building and selling these online. The RepRap Wiki includes a link to eBay sellers offering hardware kits. Files are also available for download on Thingiverse.

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