Replacing the Azteeg Control Board

In the event of an Azteeg control board failure that necessitates its replacement, please follow these steps to replace it and get your printer back up and running. This process is fairly straightforward, but its tedious and requires about 2-3 hours of time. Please reach out to prior to this to make sure that this is a necessary fix and that you are ready to proceed.

Tools Needed: 

  • Large flat-head screwdriver
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • 5.5mm wrench
  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Large Phillips head screwdriver


  1. Navigate in the Viki to "Control" > "Motion" then scroll down and find the X and Y offsets, which are for the Gigabot's dual extrusion calibration. Write them down. These values may also be in "Control">"Dual Extrusion Settings" depending on your firmware
  2. Turn the Gigabot off and unplug it from the power outlet.
  3. Open the electrical box with the large flat-head screwdriver
  4. Take several photos at different angles of the current wiring arrangement. These will only be used as reference for routing the wires if needed. The electrical wiring diagram will be the main documentation to follow when rewiring the board.
  5. Remove the electrical box cooling duct by following these instructions: Removing and Installing the Electrical Box Cooling Duct
  6. Unscrew/unplug the wires at their connection points to the motherboard.
  7. Remove the stepper drivers -- here you can find a helpful article showing you the best practices for doing so: Replacing a motor driver
  8. The motherboard is mounted onto the back panel with white plastic standoffs in each corner -- squeeze the locking tab of these standoffs so that the board can be removed from them.
  9. Take out the old board, and replace it with the new board. Push down on it so that it latches onto the plastic standoffs
  10. Make sure on the new board that there are 3 small black jumpers connecting the "MS1" "MS2" and "MS3" pins that are beneath the motor driver footprint:
    • Photo is of an Azteeg X3 Pro -- your board may look different.
  11. Screw/plug in all of the wires to the motherboard again according to you wiring diagram found here: Gigabot Wiring Diagrams
  12. Put the stepper drivers back into the board -- here you can find a helpful article showing you the orientation and best practices for doing so: Replacing a motor driver
  13. Before plugging in the Gigabot, I'd recommend that you have another person check over your wiring. If no one else is available, do a thorough check to ensure each wire is in the correct location and securely attached.
  14. Plug the Gigabot back into the outlet and turn it on. If you haven't specified to the support agent or purchasing agent which firmware you need on the board, your next step will be to install that as found in this article: Gigabot Firmware Installation
  15. Check that the board replacement worked by checking the following:
    1. The Viki LCD screen is showing the info screen properly and is navigable
    2. You are able to heat both extruders and the bed by going to "Prepare">"Preheat PLA">"Preheat All",
    3. You are able to control the motors by going to "Prepare">"Move axis"> and test moving the X, Y, Z, and E axes
    4. You are able to read files of the SD card by inserting your SD card, then using the Viki to go to "Init SD" then "Print from SD"
  16. Next, go back to "Control" > "Motion" then scroll down and input the X and Y offsets that you recorded from earlier, then scroll to and click on "Store Settings" to save these values
  17. Finally, load your filament and try a basic print -- We recommend trying a few small cubes
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