Wiring the Terminal Box

Tools Needed: 

  • Hemostat
  • Small flat-head screwdriver

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the following process!

Instructions: (Video Below)

  1. Begin with the terminals on the upper portion of the terminal box facing you. You will be wiring the terminal block from right to left. (Using a hemostat to insert the ferrules into the terminals will make this process easier.)
  2. Install the black fan wires in the top of the terminal second from the right and secure using a small flat head screwdriver.
  3. Install the two smaller red fan wires in the top of the terminal directly to the left of where the black wires were installed and secure. 
  4. Install the white thermistor wire in the top of the terminal directly to the left of the two red wires and secure.
  5. Install the grey wire in the top of the terminal directly to the left of the white thermistor wire and secure it.
  6. Install the two larger red heater cartridge wires into the tops of the two terminals directly to the left of the grey wire and secure. (It is unimportant which of these wires is installed first.)
  7. Attach the extruder motor cable (marked EXT) to the motor on the back of the terminal box.
  8. Feed the ferruled ends of the head cable wire into the strain relief cable gland (threaded side facing the ferruled ends.)
  9. Insert the six head cable wires into the terminal box one at a time. Ensure that they have ample strain relief within the terminal box and secure the cable gland. (This will hold the wires in place.)
  10. Pair the six wires as follows: Green+brown, blue+white, and red+black.
  11. Install the head cable wires from right to left. Starting with the brown wire, loosen the terminal screw where the two black wires are installed and install the brown wire into the same terminal. (lower part of the terminal bus) The ferrules of these wires will be overlapping within the terminal. Ensure there is no metal from the ferrules showing and secure the wires in the terminal. 
  12. Repeat this process for the remaining wires: install the green wire under the two red fan wires, the white wire under the white wire, the blue wire under the grey wire, the black wire under the red heater cartridge wire on the right, and the red wire under the red heater cartridge wire on the left.
  13. Once all the wires are installed, ensure that the screws holding them in the terminal block are secure, but not so tight as to sever the ferrules. Using the hemostat, perform a pull test on each wire to ensure they are secure in the terminals. 
  14. Perform a final visual inspection. From right to left, the wires should be installed into the terminal bus as follows:
    1. Black on top, brown on bottom (fans)
    2. Red on top, green on bottom (fans) 
    3. White on top, white on bottom (thermistor)
    4. Grey on top, blue on bottom (thermistor)
    5. Red on top, black on bottom (heater cartridge)
    6. Red on top, red on bottom (heater cartridge) 
  15. Tuck the wires neatly into the terminal box to avoid pinching, and install the cover using the four supplied screws.

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